Installing an other version of a package in ubuntu

This tutorial will show you how to install an other version of a package in ubuntu. Installing an other version of a package in ubuntu is pretty easy and I will show you how I did it.

What was used….

Ubuntu server 12.04.04 (fully patched till 24 march 2014)

phpmyadmin repository from tuxpoldo

How to find the package….

To start finding the package that has different versions input the following command. This command shows you the package info with the different versions. If there are any. As an alternative you can also use sudo apt-cache show phpmyadmin. This will give you a bit more structured info about the package. The only downside is that you don’t get a summary of the different versions. It will give the info per package from the lowest version to the highest version.

This command generates a lot of output, with all the dependencies and versions that are available. At the bottom you will get a summary of which version are available.

other versions of a package

As you can see there are two versions available: 4:4.1.9-0.1 and 4: In this tutorial we are using the version from tuxpoldo.

To install this version you can use the following command

This will install the version from tuxpoldo. if you mistype the version you will receive an error saying that the version wasn’t found. Below is the result when you press enter

installing an other version of a package

This will install an other version than the default package. Ofcourse this was already the latest version of the package but the theory for other packages are same.

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